Lounge, die

With just two omnibus Anglicisms, das Center and die Lounge, one could in theory describe the entirety of urban life. Every activity where your mien is earnest - government, religion, education and commerce - may take place in a building styled das Center. But if the management desires that you smile, the business space will be dubbed die Lounge. The genesis of the lounge, as a more comfortable type of living room in a home than an old-fashioned parlour or best room, is no longer visible in German. However two compound derivatives, the lounge bar and the hotel lounge, clearly entered German decades ago and were abridged into a single term, die Lounge. That is as far as the execrable Duden Fremdwörterbuch gets with its out-of-date definition: "Gesellschaftsraum in Hotels o. Ä; Hotelhalle / Cocktailbar mit anheimelnder Atmosphäre." Die Lounge today is just as likely to mean a status or a part of a website as a physical space. Examples include:

  • Alice Lounge (2008-)

  • Silver Lounge at the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth (2008-)

Die Lounge is capitalized, given feminine gender, inflected with -S- in the genitive and pronounced with a less complex diphong than in English.

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