bom chicka wah wah

Germans probably only got major exposure to the bom chicka wah wah phrase during an intensive TV advertising multinational campaign for Axe hygiene products in 2007 that showed teachers and shop assistants going into instant sexual arousal after smelling the scent. The phrase is explained at the Urban Dictionary as a spoken representation of an electric-guitar riff from 1970s porn movies that gained wider currency through an episode of the US TV series Friends. It essentially means, "We are making a transition from social distance to sex." Its reprehensible use in the TV ads did not seem to excite any particular criticism in Germany, partly because it was not completely understood in German-speaking lands. I have not seen bom chicka wah wah in print in German, but I would suppose it would need a certain amount of respelling to fit German orphographic conventions: perhaps bum tschika ouau ouau. Representing wow or wah with the German alphabet is difficult.

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